Research assistant position

Interested in gaining valuable research experience?
Join the Banich Executive Function lab

Our lab explores the neural bases of executive function, decision-making, and internal thought using a variety of techniques including brain imaging (fMRI) and behavioral tasks. Undergraduate volunteers are crucial for getting this research done!


  • Data collection with human subjects
  • Desining and building experiments
  • Reading scientific papers and participating in discussion
  • Attending lab meetings
  • Coding data, and once more advanced doing your own data analysis
  • Research experience that will be very useful in grad school or future jobs
  • Ellgible for UROP fellowship
  • Can pursue senior honors
  • Academic credit
  • A minimum commitment of 6-8 hrs/week for 2 terms
  • Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are strongly preferred
  • Computer skills (Excel), and good organizational habits are a plus

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